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Our Team

We are currently taking most Aetna, Cigna, Geisinger, Meritain, Oscar, Optum, United (commercial, not medicaid) plans. We have some self-pay, sliding scale slots $60-$150.

We also have a Graduate student intern Jane Overton. Jane studies couple and family therapy at Antioch University New England and is available for low-sliding scale slots, $30-$90. If this is above your means, please let me know and we can discuss.

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Cynthia Crabb, LPC

Cynthia Crabb, LPC, LPCC, SEP, clinical supervisor., 412-552-3077.

Feel free to reach out with any questions about getting started. I am not taking new clients at this time, but supervise all the excellent therapists below.

Trainings I have completed include the following: Somatic Experiencing Institute, certificate program; HRC: Promoting Emotional Well-Being for LGBTQ Youth; Making the Invisible, Visible: A Trauma Healing Journey from Hauntings to Wholeness, an exploration of Transgenerational Trauma; Systemic Trauma and Shame.

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Meredith Maloney

(they/she). In-person and virtual :, (412) 204-7349.

Specialties: Individual adults, LGBTQIA+, Mind-body connection, depression, anxiety, identity exploration.

My approach to counseling incorporates the information our bodies  provide as it relates to our mental health. This awareness coupled with  the thoughts and emotions that we experience can provide a new insight  into how to improve relationship to others and ourselves. The theories  that inform my approach include Relational-Cultural, Emotionally Focused  and Mind-Body Therapies. I believe the client is the expert in what  they need, and it is my role to work collaboratively with the client to  help them reach their goals. The counseling experience provides an  opportunity to be truly seen, heard and accepted.
I have had diverse experiences that have led me to this point, including  work in the service industry, as a support person for survivors of  sexual assault, providing queer-centered community sex education, and as  a union labor organizer. My experiences, relationships, interests and  personal healing journey have led me to this point of feeling ready to  help others as they navigate their own paths.

I graduated with a Master of Arts from Indiana University of  Pennsylvania’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. I have also  completed a Mind-Body Therapy certificate program through Embodied  Philosophies. I have experience working with adults 18 and older. I  enjoy working with individuals exploring their identities, navigating  depression and anxiety, and those searching for connection and meaning. I  am poly, kink and LGBTQIA+ affirming, and trauma informed.

Clove Roses

Clove Roses

(they/them) in-person and virtual, 412-206-9406

Specialties: Couples, families, individuals interested in Somatic Experiencing trauma work.

I approach therapy as a relational process that can help scaffold and  build upon strengths a client brings into the office.  My work is  informed by a background in social and environmental justice organizing,  community herbalism, working with queer/trans communities and sexual  assault survivors.  Some of our work together may involve an exploration  of larger social, cultural, familial, and ecological systems that  clients are situated within.

I have a Master of Science (MSCP) in Counseling Psychology from  Chatham University, and I’m a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)  in-training at the Advanced level.  Somatic Experiencing is a modality  that aims to help the body complete natural threat response cycles that  are thwarted when trauma occurs.  Through bringing greater awareness to  the body and tracking sensations, we will work towards understanding and  shifting automatic nervous system reactions that are no longer serving  you.

Jess Markowitz

(they/she), (412)223-7406 virtual sessions.

As a Counselor and Somatic Experiencing Therapist, I support and hold space for the healing of all kinds of trauma. I enjoy working with clients who seek support with chronic illness, sexuality, self growth, relationships & attachment, life transitions, family, systemic trauma and multigenerational or cultural matters.

I believe we are deeply impacted by the cultural, social and historical contexts to which we originate, exist, and navigate; therefore I strive to attune to and support these facets of your experience in our work.

My work ultimately aims to support you in experiencing yourself authentically, spaciously and in connection with yourself and the surrounding world. I utilize a collaborative, client centered and experiential approach to therapy that centers on each client's unique personality, goals and needs.

My primary modality is Somatic Experiencing, which is a therapeutic approach used to address trauma-related stress responses. I also enjoy integrating internal family systems (IFS), narrative therapy, imagery and the magic of the natural world. Please reach out if you're interested in working together!

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Fai Knudson

(they/them) in person and virtual, 412-339-0755.

It’s hard to navigate a world that was built against your needs. As a  queer, nonbinary, neurodivergent person of color, I recognize the  impact of oppressive systems on mental health. My approach to therapy  involves untangling experiences with marginalization and complex trauma,  as well as helping clients develop authenticity, boundaries, and  self-advocacy skills.

I practice eclectically, drawing from person-centered, feminist, and  narrative theories, as well as the social model of disability. I have a  particular interest in working with LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent, and BIPOC  folx, or anyone impacted by systems such as ableism, classism,  fatphobia, xenophobia, etc. I am also passionate about working with  adult adoptees in processing grief, loss, separation and attachment  trauma.

I hold a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Chatham  University and have worked in the mental health field since 2019. My  clinical work has centered around queer and trans mental health, and I  am trained in writing letters of referral for gender-affirming  surgeries. I also have experience with and am affirming towards  poly/kink/sex work.

Fai Knudson

Jane Overton

any pronouns. Virutal and in-person availability. Sliding sclae $30-$90 (some lower end slots available)

SPECIALTIES: Relational Conflict, Family Systems, Life Transitions, Neurodivergence, Personality Disorders

CLIENTS: Individuals, Couples, Families, Children, Youth. LGBTQ+ affirming, SW-affirming, Fat-positive

Graduate Clinician Jane Overton has spent a lifetime working with children and their families as a consultant, caregiver, and educator.

As a relational systems therapist, Jane uses systemic models to expand perspectives, create change in relational patterns, and honor life’s complexity.

Clients will benefit from from being witnessed, offered reflections, joined on their journey, and permitted to release thoughts from the echo chamber of their mind. Jane works best with those who are curious, open-minded, and willing to actively engage in the therapeutic process, and also welcomes folks who are hesitant, ambivalent, or otherwise unsure about seeing a therapist.

The queer experience has been formative Jane’s understanding of therapy and the inner workings of change. Queer culture asks us to be expansive, to follow pleasure, to celebrate, to question, to revolt. Jane recognizes that their own privileged identities and actions have the potential to impact healing spaces and for that reason, employs frequent self-inquiry and education around anti-oppression, anti-racism, and their own position.

Specializing in conflict, relationships, major life transitions, and neurodivergence, Jane cultivates a therapy practice steeped in empathy and geared towards collaboration and liberation for each client.

“Sometimes we are more ready than we know — the only way to begin is by beginning.”


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